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   Wednesday, October 18th   
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Fort Bragg is known as the "Home of the Airborne" since its major unit is the XVIII Airborne Corps and its sub-unit, the 82nd Airborne Division. Other major units include the 20th Engineer Brigade and the Special Operations Command.

XVIII Airborne Corps HQ 910-396-5818
The XVIII Airborne Corps was in command of the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions upon entering Europe for World War II, and took part in Operation Market Garden invasion in 1944. The two divisions fought extensively in Europe and in 1945 were preparing to deploy to Japan just before the war ended, ultimately sending them home instead. The corps was reactivated in 1951, after 6 years in dormancy, at Fort Bragg where countless Army Reserves and National Guard members were being trained for the Korean War. The corps participated in the integration of schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957; spent 1965-66 in the Dominican Republic as headquarters for the U.S. Forces Dominican Republic; and in Operation Dragon Rouge in the Congo during 1967. In the following decades, the corps has been a part of many humanitarian relief efforts and conflicts, including Operations Desert Shield and Storm (1990-91) in Saudi Arabia, Operation Hurricane Andrew (1992) in Florida, Operation Enduring Freedom (2002-3) in Afghanistan, and various missions as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn in Iraq.
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82nd Airborne Division 910-432-0682
The All-Americans fought in several important campaigns during their deployment in France in 1918 as the 82d Infantry Division, as they were then known. Post World War One, however, the division was deactivated until WWII saw need for them once more. Upon its return in 1942, it became known as the 82d Airborne Division, the army's first. The new airborne division fought in North Africa and then had its first combat jumps in Sicily and Salerno, Italy, during 1943, and participated in Operation Neptune at Normandy. Post D-Day, the division held its ground and moved the line forward for over a month straight with no replacements and lost thousands of men in the process. The division acted as much needed back-up during the Ardennes Forest campaign, and once the Germans had surrendered, it was off to Berlin. Post WWII, the 82d moved permanently to Fort Bragg, fought in the Dominican Republic in 1965, Vietnam in 1968 for nearly 2 years, and Korea during the 1970s. In 1983, the division deployed to Grenada during Operation Urgent Fury. In more recent years, the division has been very active in the Middle East, including Operation Desert Storm in Iraq (1991), Kosovo in 1999, and post-September 11 attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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82nd Combat Aviation Brigade 910-432-2604
82nd Sustainment Brigade 910-432-8389
108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 910-907-1998
16th Military Police Brigade 910-396-6409
18th Fires Brigade 910-432-5068
20th Engineer Brigade 910-396-5409
Upon activation as the Battalion of Engineers in 1861, the brigade participated immensely in the Civil Wars and many wars in the following years. After a deployment in France in 1952, the brigade returned to Fort Bragg as its permanent home. The 20th saw dozens of campaigns in the Vietnam War and, post-war, became a support command of the XVIII Airborne Corps. 1990 saw the brigade deploy to Kuwait and grow in size to continue to support during Operations Desert Shield and Storm, and then was able to help during Uphold Democracy in Haiti (1994). A majority of the brigades companies have been deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom since the U.S. entered the War on Terrorism in 2002.
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USA JFK Special Warfare Center 910-432-3884
USA Special Operations Command 910-432-7898
Womack Army Medical Center 910-907-6759

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