Fort Bragg, NC - Recreation

    Local Fort Bragg, NC Parks

    Cape Fear Botanical Gardens - 12 miles away
    Phone: 910-433-1547
    536 N. Eastern Boulevard
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Description: The Gardens are developed and maintained by full time staff and volunteers dedicated to enhancing the plant life, both wild and cultivated, of our state. The Gardens are a focal point for residents who enjoy the outdoors. Several special events are held there annually.
    Arnette - 14 miles away
    Phone: 910-433-1547
    2165 Old Wilmington Road
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Description: This 100-acre park is a combination of developed facilities and natural woodland. It is open to the public daily from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. from March through October. Winter hours (November through February) are 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Security patrols the park during operating hours. Picnic pavilions, ball fields and more make this a popular gathering spot for families and large groups. The one mile long perimeter road is ideal for biking and walking. For more information on reserving the pavilions and other amenities call 433-1547. Amenities: Baseball fields, sand volleyball courts, concession stand, horseshoe pits, disc golf, picnic pavilions, playground, tennis courts, nature trails, restrooms.
    Christina Smith - 13 miles away
    Phone: 910-433-1547
    500 Fisher Street
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Description: This park is co-located with JS Spivey Recreation Center at Walker-Spivey School. On 15 acres of property, this facility has become very popular for large group functions. There are a variety of activities available at the park, the newest of which is the Splash Pad, a unique water feature that adds to the neighborhood and the events held there. Call Spivey Recreation Center to reserve, 433-1572.Amenities: Baseball/softball fields, football/soccer field, green space, outdoor basketball court, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit, pavilion, playground, splash pad and restrooms.
    Lake Rim - 15 miles away
    Phone: 910-433-1547
    2214 Tar Kiln Drive
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Description: Visitors to the 30-acre park can enjoy picnics, trail walks, or a ranger-guided environmental tour that has emphasis on wetlands, animal adaptation and water quality. The park has historical interest with 1890's Weed's Lightwood Plant pine tar kilns and a view of fishery ponds constructed in 1934-35. Summer camps and fishing days are also offered through the park
    Mable C. Smith - 14 miles away
    Phone: 910-433-1547
    Shadbush Lane
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Description: This park east of the Cape Fear River is catching on as a great place for walking, pick-up basketball or a group picnic. The park is less than three years old and is designed with the community in mind. The pavilion is available to reserve, call 433-1547.Amenities: Football/soccer field, basketball courts, green space, walking trail, horseshoe pit, pavilion, playground, restrooms

    Local Fort Bragg, NC Campgrounds

    Lumber River State Park - 50 miles away
    Phone: 910-628-4564
    2819 Princess Ann Road
    Orrum, NC 28369
    Description: he Lumber River flows through the south-central portion of our state. The river's headwaters are in Montgomery, Moore, Richmond and Scotland counties where the waterway is known as Drowning Creek. The creek becomes a river at SR 1412/1203 along the Scotland-Hoke county line, and its waters flow into South Carolina, eventually joining the Little Pee Dee River.Lumber River State Park contains 9,234 acres of land and 115 miles of state natural and scenic waters, 81 miles of which are also designated national wild and scenic waters. The park's recreation activities are currently centered at two access areas, Princess Ann and Chalk Banks. Princess Ann overlooks a unique reverse flow area named Griffin's Whirl. At the access, a bend in the river opens to a long, straight vista that beckons paddlers to take a ride. Chalk Banks, near the town of Wagram on the upper end of the river, has an interesting mixture of plants, fish, and animals from the sandhills and coastal plains regions.
    Jones Lake State Park - 55 miles away
    Phone: (910) 588-4550
    4117 Hwy 242 N
    Elizabethtown, NC 28337
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: Venture to Jones Lake State Park and view one of the greatest geological mysteries of the eastern United States-the phenomenon of the Carolina bays. Adjacent to the Bladen Lakes State Forest and home of two natural lakes, Jones and Salters lakes, the 2,208-acre park is a nature lover's delight. Peaceful surroundings and a variety of facilities, including a trail with several outlooks that circles Jones Lake, make this state park a favorite for hiking, picnicking, swimming, fishing and camping.
    Cliffs of the Neuse State Park - 75 miles away
    Phone: (919) 778-6234
    345-A Park Entrance Road
    Seven Springs, NC 28578
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: At the turn of the century visitors flocked to the area. They drank mineral water from local springs to cure their ills and they took riverboat excursions to the cliffs. Things have changed since then, however, the cliffs remain virtually unaltered, standing as a journal of the geological and biological history of the land. Look down this spectacular formation to the river far below, now protected within the boundaries of Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.
    Cape Lookout National Seashore - 185 miles away
    Phone: (252) 728-2250
    131 Charles Street
    Harkers Island, NC 28531
    Description: Take a boat trip three miles off-shore to the islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore. Here you can enjoy remote beaches, watch wild horses and other wildlife, or visit one of the historic districts. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch for the day. Going camping takes a little more planning.
    Medoc Mountain State Park - 125 miles away
    Phone: (252) 586-6588
    1541 Medoc State Park Road
    Hollister, NC 27844
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: Should the humdrum of nine-to-five leave you with the urge to travel and explore, head to Medoc Mountain State Park. A pleasurable excursion awaits just a 1.5-hour drive from the Research Triangle.At Medoc Mountain, the urban refugee finds a welcome tranquility, a chance to embrace the outdoors. Trails beckon as light filters through branches overhead and falls on paths that hold the promise of new frontiers. The peacefulness gives the opportunity to refresh. The silence of the forest is broken only by bird songs and the occasional drumming of the pileated woodpecker. Grab your hiking boots. Load your camera. Spend some time at Medoc Mountain State Park and let nature renew your spirit.